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Information You Should Know

Resources for Businesses

San Francisco Business Portal –

The San Francisco Business Portal has everything you need to start and grow your business. Here you can find everything from guidance on formulating a business plan to links on how to register your business and pay the necessary fees with The City

San Francisco Council of District Merchants Directory –

The Council of District Merchants is a group of local merchant associations who advocate for small businesses in San Francisco. You can use their directory to find your local merchant association, which you can consider joining.

Shop & Dine in the 49 –

This is a citywide campaign to raise the visibility and importance of buying local. It has great information about how you can encourage friends and neighbors to support local businesses and tool kits for promoting the cause.

SF Center for Economic Development Incentives & Resources

The City and County of San Francisco, the State of California and the U.S. Federal Government provide a range of incentives to encourage new business in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find out more here!

San Francisco Small Business Development Center

The San Francisco SBDC mission is to provide business owners and managers with information, training, and specialized one-on-one consulting. You can apply online and they’ll follow up to help you achieve your goals!

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Why support small business?

Every neighborhood in San Francisco has something unique

Small and local businesses are an vital part of the character of San Francisco. Each local business adds its unique touch to our city and helps give San Francisco personality. The competition and diversity that local businesses bring to our city also means more variety for shoppers.

Why Shop Local?

Your dollars can make a big impact

When you buy from a local business, a larger portion of that money stays in our local economy. For every $100 spent, $25 more stays in San Francisco if the purchase is made at a local business. Even a small change in where you shop can make a big difference. According to the groundbreaking 2007 San Francisco Retail Diversity Study, a 10% shift in consumer spending from online purchases and chains to locally owned retail would create nearly 1,300 new jobs and produce over a $190 million in increased economic output for San Francisco. A decade later, these projections still hold. And, when you create new jobs, more wages paid to those employees are then spent here in San Francisco.

How you shop matters

A ripple effect on the environment

Shopping local also reduces our environmental impact. Locally owned businesses are better equipped to make more local purchases that require less transportation, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and decrease processing and packaging waste that can be harmful to the environment. For shoppers, buying locally also means you’re walking more often!

Next time you shop, consider choosing a local business!


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