Our Rallying Issues

We support and foster activism on a number of local issues that are critical to the future of San Francisco:

Creating high-paying, sustainable jobs

We believe that a strong economy should benefit all San Franciscans. We support policies that encourage economic growth, create sustainable, high-paying jobs, and produce new revenue for the city to re-invest.

San Francisco is in the midst of an unprecedented economic boom, which has helped to raise tax revenue, support programs to help the less fortunate, and create a record number of new jobs in the innovation economy. At the same time, too many San Franciscans have been left out. The Community Alliance believes that the City can and should work to ensure that we do more to support economic growth that also benefits working people and families.

Creating more housing for families and working people

The most pressing issues in San Francisco is how we keep people in the working and middle classes from being driven out due to the cost of housing. We are in the middle of a housing crisis that is decades in the making; a result of lack of new housing creation that has made it impossible for too many of our friends and neighbors to live in San Francisco.

During this time the Bay Area has seen sustained population growth on top of an unnerving boom-to-bust economic and job cycle. Many of us feel left behind, dreading an eviction or missed mortgage payment. The entire region needs to pitch in to create the housing we need to address this crisis. San Francisco can’t do it alone, but as a regional leader we have an obligation to do our part and set an example for cities throughout the Bay Area. As long as we continue to build housing at a rate far under population growth, we will continue to see rents rise inexorably, leading directly to displacement and eviction. We can do better with unoccupied, underutilized, blighted lots, but we have to have the will in City Hall to do so.

When too many people want something that is limited in supply, the price goes up. The cost of housing has gotten too high compared to incomes, and State and federal funding for affordable housing is inconsistent. Market-rate units are needed to finance the construction of affordable units if we are to take pressure off the housing market overall. Thinking long-term, we have to do a better job making sure job creation and housing creation go hand-in-hand so that San Francisco continues to be so much more than a bedroom community.

Improving and expanding public transportation

As San Francisco continues to grow it is vital for the future of our city that we invest in our public transportation network. San Francisco is a world class city that deserves public infrastructure to match.

Public transportation is a worthwhile investment for our residents, our businesses, and our city. When people are able to get around the city quickly and inexpensively it allows for businesses to expand their customer base, workers to get to and from their homes, kids to get to school safely, and reduces the carbon footprint of our city.

As the Bay Area becomes increasingly interdependent as an economic hub it is important that we also expand our infrastructure to connect us to with the rest of the region.

Public Safety and Quality of Life

Everyone deserves to be safe in their neighborhood. We promote policies that fully fund our public safety organizations and we work with local leaders and organizations to strengthen our local communities.

We also support family-friendly policies to make our neighborhoods safer and more livable for children. San Francisco’s family population has continued to decline – we need to do all we can to reverse that trend.